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Lo Man Kam

Wing Chun instructor

training program



For those East and Middle European people who want to learn Lo Man Kam Wing Chun, - but to whom find it difficult to travel Taiwan to learn form sifu Lo Man Kam and learn from for a longer period of time – our school provides an opportunity to learn in Europe, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia. We plan to start this program in the Czech Republic, Poland and Ukraine in the future. There is an opportunity of live-in schooling at the Hungarian center of the school at Szeged, if requested.


The place of the training:


Budapest, Akadémia street 14. (Seven Star Mantis kung-fu training-room).

It's approchable: 150 meters from the Kossuth Lajos square stop of the Blue Metro Line.


Time of the training:


-  2 years (base level), two weekends per month
-  Saturday 14.00 – 18.00, Sunday 10.00 - 15.00 (Lunch brake included)
-  Staring at 18-19th of September 2010.


Achievable degree:

-  At least at the end of the two year course everybody takes an exam. If successful students can get an “Assistant Teacher” or “Teacher” degree.

-    For those instructor to be’ whom studied other branch of Wing Chun, there will be an opportunity to take the exam sooner, if their growth is satisfactory.

Training fee, exam price, etc.:

Training price 7000HUF/month or 72.000HUF/year (including the notes, information materials, DVDs)

Training Camp: depends on the location. (In 2010 it will cost 25.000HUF/9 days, accommodation and lunch.)

Embroidered training pants 5.000 HUF - you don’t have to buy at the first month
Embroidered training T-shirt 2500 HUF - you don’t have to buy at the first month

Exam fee: 40 USD.



The training:

- The Training led by sifu Zoltán Tóth (Wang Hsiung).

-  The individual weekend seminars held by sifu or a teacher of his choosing, should he has other engagements.

- The students have a syllabus, but can only progress when the learned material is acquired as readiness.

- Every instructor to be grows in her or his own tempo, meaning the group won’t necessarily progress simultaneously. (For example if somebody learned other Wing Chun style (V.T.; W.T.; etc.), or some other martial arts, then he or she can grow at a faster rate.

- There are group and individual activities.
    • The group activities partly normal training with everybody partly training in smaller groups led by sifu assistants.
    •  During the individual activities the techniques given “from hand to hand”. These  practices are happens in the time frame of the weekend seminars but every assistant only working with one student for one hour, while the others practice in a group. After one hour the assistants choose other students to work with.

- As part of the training we submit training and video materials, handbooks, notes and other materials.

- Every student must participate in the yearly training camp

- The instructor to be’ will be structured in pairs if possible to train with each other between two seminars.


My assistants:

László Keszőcze




Péter Nagyószi




Győző Kovács




András Miháczi

"Assistant Teacher"



Krisztián Beke

"Assistant Teacher"



Viktória Kéri

"Assistant Teacher"



Tibor Fehér




Norbert Lake Bozó




Gergely Fodor