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The explanation of the most

used expressions

When we talk about kung fu styles and families, it is inescapable that we speak about some family relationships. With this list we pay attention to the meaning of expressions presenting the most frequent relations, which all kung fu students should be aware of.

To-Dai - student
Si-Hing-Dai - elder and younger brother collectively
Si-Dai - younger brother
Si-Je - elder sister
Si-Fu - schoolmaster
Si-Suk - uncle, Si-Dai for the Si-Fu
Si-Suk-Ba - uncle, Si-Hing-Dai for the Si-Fu
Si-Gung - grandfather, Si-Fu for the Si-Fu
Si-Suk-Gung - uncle, Si-Dai for the Si-Fu
Si-Tai-Gung - great-great grandfather, Si-Fu for the Si-Gung
Si-Jo-Gung - the great-great grandfather grandfather's, Si-Fu for the Si-Tai-Gung
To-Suen - grandchild
Si-Hing - elder brother
Si-Je-Mui - sister
Si-Mui - younger sister
Si-Mo - the Si-Fu's wife
Si-Ba - uncle, Si-Hing for the Si-Fu
Si-Gu - aunt, Si-Je-Mui for the Si-Fu
Si-Mo - the Si-Gung's wife
Si-Ba-Gung - Si-Hing for the Si-Gung
Si-Mo - the Si-Tai-Gung's wife
Si-Jo - the style founder, respectively all the Si-Jo-Gung's elder relatives