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About our school

 (Past and present)



The beginning


Our first club was founded in 1990 at Budapest, but in 1992 sifu Zoltán Tóth - and with him the school - moved to Szeged. Until 2002 we haven’t thought about expanding, and hadn’t opened new clubs, we were content with our group in Szeged. At that time though sifu become the private student of the Chinese Lo Man Kam grand master and after that the school began a deliberate expansion.


First we started a new Lo Man Kam Wing Chun class at Budapest, after that in Szekszárd, Pécs, Győr and Rúzsa. Today we have classes over the border (Romania and Slovakia), growing very dynamically.




We have a class in Slovakia, Rimaszombat, and the instructor there  Lake Norbert Bozó hold seminars at Kassa, Fülek, Losonc, Tornalja and Rozsonyó if there is enough interest.


In Romania, Nagyvárad and Bihar have a class each, and the organization of the group in Nagyszalonta has already begun.


Training of the new instructors


Because of the increasing popularity of the Lo Man Kam Wing Chun and the rarity of the skilled teachers, we start an instructor training program as of 19th of  September this year at Budapest. (You can read more about this program under the Instructor training menu.)


There is also possible to train for Wing Chun instructor in Romania (Nagyvárad) and Slovakia (Rimaszombat).


Constant Development


The improvement of student’s skills is greatly helped by the orderly Chinese learning trip of sifu Tóth Zoltán and one of his students (R.O.C., Taiwan, Taipei) and by Lo Man Kam grand master regular visits of the country when he holds open seminars whitch can be visited by anyone. On the following six  or seven days he teaches the instructors.




Because the Wing Chun prepares the students for an attack on the street (where the assailant can use almost anything against us) and not for fight by rules and in gloves (these competitions require a specific prepatation, and it’s take much time from the regular training), we have rarely participated in competitions. The leaders of the Hungarian Kung Fu Federation  claimed there should be a separate “Wing Chun Form” category in the races, so there is more likely that in the near future we will attend the Hungarian and  National Championships. (See also in the future plans menu)




Basically, all style of Wing Chun is using Chin-Na (Joint pressure, nerve point techniques, etc.) but the Lo Man Kam Wing Chun uses these much more than other schools. For us the joint or nerve point pressures as common form of the attack as punches or kicks. The reason for that is Grand Master Lo Man Kam learned a great deal from a martial artist well versed in Chin-Na techniques at the Taiwan military academy (where he also taught later), and supplemented the Wing Chun he learned, with that knowledge. (See also in the Lo Man Kam Grand Master menu)


Police kung-fu


Since si-gung Lo Man Kam is invited regularly to train special police forces, (Swat Team, FBI, NSD, etc) he developed a training schema for them especially, which contains the techniques that can be used effectively by them. Because these techniques are based on his Wing Chun, therefore every instructor learns it and can teach them as well.