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Exam Program

In our school the education happens in the traditional, Chinese style. But we must consider that the western people always want to know where he or she is exactly. On the other hand the students under different instructors, has to be on the same level to take te next step in their studies. Because of the above mentioned two reasons we too give student and teacher levels.

We frequently experience, that at the formal exam some pupils froze up, and can’t display the techniques as they could. So we use a little special exam method. When sifu Tóth Zoltán, the head of our school holds a seminar – which can be visited by any of the students – he constantly watching the pupils suggested to take the exam by the instructors. In this way, he gets a much more accurate picture of their true knowledge and ability.

Thanks to this at most of the time the decision, who can take the next step in their studies and who has to practice more, is already made during the seminar. The actual exam is more for the students, so they can feel: “Yes we had taken the exam!”  Those who get the next level, can progress in their studies, those who not, has to deepen their knowledge of the already learned techniques and movements.

Student levels:

In Lo Man Kam Wing Chun the different levels are attached to the forms and the related techniques and practices. (See: Wing Chun Forms menu).

Based on this we different seven student levels.

Siu Nim Tao 1.
Siu Nim Tao 2.
Siu Nim Tao 3.

Cham Kiu 1.
Cham Kiu 2.

Biu Jee 1.
Biu Jee 2.

Teacher levels:

In our school there is a significant difference compared to other systems. You don’t have to earn all the student levels to take a teacher level exam. You can step from a student level to teacher level (if you have the necessary skills of course), but not vice versa.

There aren’t student forms and maser forms in the Wing Chun. Or you can say that every form is a master form, namely every student has to learn every form, and naturally the technical materials related to the forms, at master level. The teacher differs from the student in:

-    While the disciple has to be able to do everything correctly, the teacher must be able to teach this to anybody.
-    He or She must know the typical errors made by the students while learning, and it is not enough to know that “This is wrong”. The teacher has to know why wrong, and must be able to explain how to move correctly and why that move is appropriate.

-    The teacher must be familiar with the induction exercises to eliminate the given error.

-    The teacher must be able to convey the “feeling”. (“Feeling” is hard to describe in words, it is something only used in physical contact, and can be taught only in the same way. It consist the timing, the keeping of distance, positioning, etc.)

The teacher levels attached to the forms and the related technical material, we use the following teacher levels:

SNT Assistant Teacher
SNT Teacher

CHK Assistant Teacher
CHK Teacher

BJ Assistant Teacher
BJ Teacher