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Requirements for the exams

1. SNT level:

Siu Nim Tao form
(fundamental level)

Basic exercises (tan-sau, pak-sau, pak-lap-sau, cham-sau, kün-sau, bon-sau, Kwan-sau, gan-sau).
Rotation (with the basic exercises)
Step (with punch)

This is the entrant level to the Wing Chun.
•   Siu Nim Tao (The disciple must be able to execute the form without stopping, the heights and directions must be kept. The “gung” and precision is secondary yet.)

•   The angle of the rotation must be correct; the power originates from the legs, the body moves in union and accord. The structure of the body must be kept during the rotation.

•   Base techniques while standing still, rotating and stepping, individually and in pairs. (Pak-sau,  tan-sau,  bong-wu,  cham –sau, gang –sau, etc.)

•   While stepping the structure of the body must be kept, the punch must be performed while stepping forward and backward, with appropriate power and stability.

2.  SNT level:

Go-sau 1.
Nuk sau
Basic techniques (All)
Dan-chi 1-3.
Pon-sau – won-sau (base movement, changes, attacks like in the Dan-chi)
SNT Exercise
Kick blocks (kwan-sau, gan-sau, kün-sau)

•  The SNT executed correctly (The directions must be kept, usage of the elbow and “gung”)

•  Base techniques while standing still, rotating and stepping, individually and in pairs. Must be able to use against lifelike, fast attacks. (Against more then one punch with counterattack.)

•  Dan-Chi executed perfectly. Both sides, both positions, blockings against the attack and counterattack possibilities.

•  Lap-sau executed continuously and precise, with the changes.

•  Pon-sau - won-sau. Both position, perfect control of the center line of the opponent. Fluent usage of changes and attacks.

•  SNT exercise executed dynamically, lifelike. The student has to fight against a mental opponent. The steps must be good, the stance stable, must have “roots”.

•  The blocks of the kicks must be lifelike and combined with the appropriate counter attacks.

3.  SNT level:

Go sau 2.
Chi-sao (1. opening – cham-sau, 2. reversal of the hands, 3. by- passing of the hand, 4. step in with bong-sau)
Free chi-sao
Kick blocks

•  The execution of the Go-sau has to be precise, with good directions and perfect “gung”

• Chi-sao. The perfect, lifelike execution of the above mentioned attacks, not in the same order.

•  Blocking of kicks in a mock fight.

•  Chin-Na Techniques against armed and unarmed attacks.