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Our Future Plans


Instructor training:


Many people would like to learn some martial arts, but in their neighborhood they don’t have the opportunity. Our school would like to help them, and we have the goal to give the chance to learn Lo Man Kam Wing Chun to more and more people. What can be done to make this possible? We have to train people among the locals to how to teach Lo Man Kam Wing Chun. As a part of this vision we created the Instructor training program, and the centers realated to them in Budapest, Nagyvárad (Romania) and Rimaszombat (Slovakia).


Abut this program you can read more in the Education menu’s Instructor training submenu.


Educational videos:


In the course of the year we will make educational videos about kung-fu and upload it to the www.youtube.com website. First we‘d like to present the base principles of the Wing Chun and of course hoe to use them in a fight, because there as there is no light without shadow and no Yin without Yang there are no theory without practice.



Training at Budapest:


We are looking for a way to start a “normal” group at Budapest. What the meaning of the “normal”? A group who are not participants of the Instructor training, but visiting the normal practices all week, not just the weekends. In this club – because it had been popular in all of the other clubs – we shall have practices for kindergarteners, pupils and adults.


New group at Szőreg:


As of September of 2010, we'll start a new group for kindergarteners at Szőreg. If there is enough peope interested we'll start practices for pupils and adults too.