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“Kung-fu school of the Small Dragons”

What is it?


The “Kung-fu school of the Small Dragons” is a teaching method made for kindergarteners. Of course it’s based on Wing Chun but because of the young age of the children the playful and developing exercises given more emphasis.

What are the benefits for the children and the parents?


At the practices the children learn the basics of the kung-fu through playful exercises. At this age they won’t learn the techniques primary, but they’ll doing skill developing exercises and these not only help them with the kung-fu, but all in their life as well.


What are these skills?

What is that the training develops?


Improving the children’s movement coordination

  There are exercises helping to harmonize the left and right hemisphere.

The children learn to move and use their left and right hands and legs separately.

Their power of concentration will grow they will able to concentrate on one thing longer.

They’ll learn to fall without getting hurt.

Their muscles and endurance will develop.

At the course of the practices they’ll learn the importance of the teamwork and the personal achievements and how important to regard each other. They’ll learn to watch out for each other and for themselves.

 They’ll be more courageous and will fit into communities faster and easier.

They'll make strong minded decisions faster and even just after a few month of practice they’ll more self-sufficent.



Who will teach the children?


The teaching of the children especially at this tender age, always demand great preparedness. Because of this our teachers not only have the required Sport Instructor degree but must work beside a Children Instructor for a year as an apprentice and only after that they can work with the children separately.


Where are now “Kung-fu schools of the Small Dragons” and the locations where we’d like to start new groups?


Right now we only have kindergarteners’ group in three locations (Szeged, Szekszárd and Rimaszombat) but wee planning to start more (Győr Budapest, Szőreg. Nagyvárad, Bihar) because we have the able instructors to do so.


“Kung-fu school of the Small Dragons” groups:






si-hing Krisztián Beke                  si-mé Viktória Kéri

Location of the practices:

Róna street 27. Kung-fu School

(At the site of the former Ruházati Kft)

Time of the practices:

Monday – Wednesday – Friday 16.20 – 17.00

Practices for pupils:

Monday – Wednesday – Friday  17.00 – 18.00

More information:

e-mail: maciur@gmail.com

Tel.: +36-20/207-0-866





si-hing Tibor Fehér

location of the practices:

Alex Gym, Wesselényi street 16.

Time of the practices:

Monday – Wednesday 16.30 -17.00

Practices for pupil:

Monday – Wednesday 17.00 -18.00

More Information:

e-mail: tfeher@perfect-phone.hu

Tel.: +36-20/318-6-999





si-hing Norbert  Lake Bozó


Bartók Béla street 10.

More Information:


e-mail: bln@lake.hu

Tel.: + 421 907 385 668 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              + 421 907 385 668